Established in 2019, ASIA MEDICAL PAYMENTS Pte Ltd was aimed to be a powerful medical arm to facilitate, connect, and deliver top-line digital payments services between the medical facilities and the end-user.

We believe in using technology and innovation to transform the way people access healthcare and we are accelerating in providing a seamless integration of the online and offline healthcare experience.

With an unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible care for our clients, we are here to assist in healthcare services that span every state in our clients’ health journey - from prevention to complex healthcare needs. ASIA MEDICAL PAYMENTS is proud to deliver industry utilisation on the medical and payment fronts and accelerating the adoption of virtual healthcare.

Global Presence

In-House Tech Developers

Experienced Management

Adherence to
Stringent UPI & Industry Standards

Direct Processing
(No 3rd Party)

Maximum Cybersecurity