About Asia Medical Payments

ASIA MEDICAL PAYMENTS is a specialised medical arm that has been set up to establish seamless digital payment services between medical services providers and their clients.

A Business-to-consumer (B2C) project initiated just a year ago, ASIA MEDICAL PAYMENTS is a service designed for seamlessly connecting digital payments between medical facilities and their end-users.

With digital payment services still in infancy in the health and wellness care segment, there is immense potential for ASIA MEDICAL PAYMENTS in the immediate future. We also foresee sustained growth in the years ahead.

This particular project was envisaged to tap the demand created by affluent Chinese clients on the lookout for sophisticated medical services. ASIA MEDICAL PAYMENTS are poised to bridge this gap between supply and demand – with a special focus on Singapore and will eventually expand to 11 other countries by the year 2022.

Why Choose Asia Medical Payments?

Highly Secured

Medical Concierge

Advance Finance Technology

Regulated by Monetary
Authority Singapore