AMP Card Benefits

A reloadable AMP Prepaid card is the quick, easy and secure way to pay digitally or on in person. The all-purpose card that you can use to pay medical bills or make purchases anywhere AMP UnionPay Card is accepted, in person or online.

Users in China

Use Asia Medical Payments Card for your every expenditure in China seamlessly through your mobile phone via QR payment. ​

Users outside China

Seamlessly pay your medical bills and other expenditures outside China. Conveniently top-up digitally wherever you go.

With Asia Medical Payments card, the benefits are clear

Medical concierge

One-stop service provider.

Pay bills online

Pay bills faster and easier than writing a check.

Shop online

Make online purchases securely anytime.

Direct Processing

(No 3rd Party)

Adherence to

Stringent UPI & Industry Standards

Maximum Cybersecurity